Sexual Harassment Settlement in Construction Industry

We recently resolved a substantial sexual harassment case against a large construction industry company.  Our client was subjected to unlawful and unwanted touching and sexual comments – clearly violating Tennessee Law.  We were able to settle this case for a substantial sum before we needed to get into discovery in this case.  The reason is the company knew they had major problems with their case.  Our client review for this case is as follows:

Jason was awesome from start to finish. He’s prompt, extremely informative, and quite realistic as far as what to expect throughout this process. I contacted his office feeling quite defeated and dirty to be honest. I’m a woman in the construction industry that had a misogynist predator for a boss. Needless to say he made my life a living hell with his countless inappropriate remarks about my body, his puns about my ethnicity and his constant reminders that this was his world and I was merely living in it. After almost 3 months and taking the proper procedures to try and get him disciplined and failing badly because the company placed more importance on his position than actually protecting me as a victim of this incessant harassment- I contacted Jason and it turned out to be quite a blessing! I received a nice settlement for all of my suffering and can now never look back at that horrible company, nor do I have to accept inappropriate behavior going forward with any company or any job site. He gave me my peace of mind and self esteem back! He will NOT disappoint and he’ll go to bat for you!!

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