Entries by Jason A. Lee, Esq.

Over $2,500,000.00 Awarded or Settled in 2023 in First Half of the Year (through June 29, 2023).

In 2023, over $2,500,000.00 has been awarded or received by settlement for clients of Attorney Jason Lee involving sexual harassment. We have been aggressively litigating and resolving cases for our clients that involve sexual harassment and sexually hostile work environment claims. These cases are across the State of Tennessee. If you need an attorney for […]

Davidson County Jury Awards $450,000.00 Against Metro Police Department for Sexual Harassment of Our Client

On June 28, 2023, a Davidson County jury awarded $450,000.00 to our client in a sexual harassment case that was filed against the Metro Nashville Police Department in February 2020. This case proceeded to trial this week and attorney Jason Lee handled the jury trial. This case was pending over 3 years (it was filed […]

Three Sexual Harassment Cases Resolved for Over $300,000.00 Each in the Last 2 months – Seven Cases totaling over $1,700,000.00

Attorney Jason Lee has resolved three Tennessee sexual harassment cases in the last 2 months totaling over $300,000.00 for each case. In fact, we have resolved 7 cases in the last two months totaling over $1,700,000.00 for our clients on sexual harassment and sexual assault matters.  Some of our clients have recently reviewed the work of […]

Another Significant Settlement Reached After Years of Litigation in Sexual Harassment Case

Attorney Jason Lee recently reached a very significant settlement after several years of litigation in a sexual harassment case. This case was very close to going to a jury trial in Tennessee, but instead, a confidential settlement was reached before trial. Our client reviewed Jason Lee as follows: The Best Lawyer there is. Best phone […]

$4.72 million verdict in Tennessee sexual harassment jury trial in Knox County

In February 2022 attorney Jason Lee went to trial in Knox County Chancery Court in a sexual harassment case that was filed in 2019.  This case required significant discovery, depositions and motion practice. The Defendants failed to accept responsibility for what they did to our client and never offered any money to try to settle […]

Court of Appeals Decision Reverses Trial Court Dismissal of Sexual Harassment Case in Matter Handled by Attorney Jason Lee

The Tennessee Court of Appeals reversed the dismissal of a sexual harassment case by the trial court in a matter that was handled by Attorney Jason Lee (Kelly L. Phelps v. State of Tennessee, 634 S.W.3d 721 (Tenn. Ct. App. 2021)).  The trial court ruled that the sexual harassment case could not proceed because the […]

$170,000.00+ settlement reached in significant Sexual Harassment case

Attorney Jason A. Lee settled a longstanding sexual harassment case that has been in litigation for several years.  His client was sexually assaulted at a work event and then the employer mishandled the sex harassment investigation.  We had to litigate this case hard due to the failure of the employer to take responsibility for their […]

$110,000+ settlement reached in sexual harassment case

Attorney Jason Lee was able to resolve another sexual harassment case against a large Tennessee Employer.  This case was resolved after extensive discovery and depositions of the parties in this case.  Our client wrote the following review about the work of Attorney Jason Lee on this sexual harassment case: I was totally over my head […]

Over $10 Million Recovered For Clients in Last Four Years

Attorney Jason Lee has now received awards or settlements of over $10,000,000 for our clients in the last four years.  Almost all of these cases are sexual harassment cases.  We are proud of our record in fighting for women in sexual harassment situations. We do not take cases to quickly settle them.  We take cases […]

$220,000 + settlement in sexual harassment case

Attorney Jason A. Lee recently settled a large sexual harassment case before the lawsuit was even filed. There was a repeated and consistent amount of sexual harassment from a very high-level official in a company in middle Tennessee against women who worked for him. Our client was treated inappropriately by being touched in a sexual […]