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Burrow Lee, PLLC has a history of defending employment discrimination cases for employers. This history has provided a unique level of experience for also pursuing claims on behalf of employees for discrimination. This primarily includes race, sex and age employment discrimination cases. Attorney Jason A. Lee has experience in handling complicated discrimination cases on behalf of employees in Tennessee State and Federal courts. These matters are often initially heard before the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) or Tennessee Human Rights Commission (“THRC”) but usually end up in litigation in Tennessee courts (State of Federal).

It is very important to get legal representation as soon as this discriminating conduct occurs. You need an attorney who will be aggressive and be an advocate for your legal rights when your employer is discriminating against you on the basis of race, sex or age. The law in this area is constantly changing so you need an attorney who stays on top of the legal issues relevant to discrimination law under Title VII or the Tennessee Human Rights Act. Tennessee courts often look to federal law for guidance on interpretation of Tennessee’s own discrimination statutes. That is why it is important for your attorney to keep up with the changing landscape in State and Federal law.

If you are experiencing Sexual Harassment, there is a different section of our website devoted to those claims here.

If you are experiencing discrimination on the basis of race, sex or age, please contact attorney Jason A. Lee to discuss this matter.  You can view his client reviews on Avvo.com here. It is important to get an attorney involved to assist you through the situation you are experiencing.


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