Over $450,000.00 Recovered for Clients in Sexual Harassment Case Against Large Transportation Company.

Attorney Jason Lee was able to recover over $450,000.00 for two clients against a large transportation company after years of litigation. This case required a lot of discovery and depositions, but ultimately our clients received substantial money to compensate them for what they went through at the hands of a serial sexual harasser. One of our clients said the following about attorney Jason Lee’s work on this case:

I was so nervous and afraid after what I had experienced but after speaking with Jason, I knew that he would be just what I needed to help me get through my situation. He was always available for questions, very knowledgeable and most importantly, he believed in me and my story while reassuring me that I had done nothing wrong that what I experienced was not acceptable or okay! He is amazing!

Please reach out to Tennessee attorney Jason Lee if you have a sexual harassment or sexual assault situation in Tennessee to see if he can help you with your case. You can email him at jlee@burrowlee.com.



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