Products Liability

The attorneys at Burrow Lee, PLLC have handled many Tennessee Product Liability cases. We also write and blog on this topic regularly. This area of the law can be a very difficult area of the law for the unexperienced because of the significant changes in the law on a regular basis. The attorneys at Burrow Lee, PLLC have the experience and knowledge that is essential for defending companies that become involved in products liability litigation in Tennessee. Sellers of products in Tennessee have tremendous protections in the law that often allow sellers of products to escape ultimate liability in this kind of litigation. However, aggressive litigation is required to achieve this goal.

We have represented numerous companies in products liability litigation matters involving tractor seats, beauty products, defibrillators, windows, medications, manufacturing equipment and other products. We have also been involved in food borne illness litigation in Tennessee for allegedly defective food products. Burrow Lee, PLLC can help your company through these very difficult cases and provide cost effective but aggressive representation.