Six Figure+ Settlement in Severe Sexual Harassment Case

Attorney Jason A. Lee recently settled another sexual harassment case in litigation involving the automotive industry.  His client was treated inappropriately by being touched, by being subjected to inappropriate sexual comments and by receiving sexual text messages.  There were multiple Defendants involved in the case and they decided to resolve the case before depositions, for a very substantial sum.  They knew they were at fault.  The client review for this work was the following:

When I first contacted Jason Lee about my sexual harassment situation I was scared, lost, and broken. I had just went through by far one of the worst unbelievable experiences in my career. I didn’t know if I had anywhere to turn anyone to help me fight for what was right. Shortly into the process I realized I did have someone to stand with me and that was Jason and his team.

We where quickly faced with some pretty unbelievable obstacles on the opposing side, but not once did Jason hesitate or bat an eye. There was allot of tears, allot of anger, allot of wanting to quit. This process is tough to get through but with Jason as your lawyer you will never be alone in the fight. We managed to bring down multiple “predators” that would have undoubtedly continued their abuse of women. We shook up the entire organization in which I worked in and was able to leave our mark. He protected me kept me in line and focused on the big picture and watched out the whole way through. (Which wasn’t an easy task)

We won in many ways in this case and I can only wish it gives women hope in the future. Hands down the best lawyer I could have chosen. You should too.

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