Substantial Settlement Obtained in Rape Case Involving Minor’s, a Party and Alcohol

In December 2017 our minor client received a very substantial settlement in a rape case that occurred at a high school party in Tennessee hosted by another parent.  Alcohol and drugs were present at the party and the rape occurred during the party.  Both minors and adults were present at the party.  There was a lack of proper supervision of the individuals who attended the party on a large property.


Sexual Harassment Case Against National Pizza Chain: Substantial settlement received for client

In January 2018 our client received a substantial settlement for a sexual harassment case against a national pizza chain.  Our client was physically sexually harassed, causing her significant emotional distress damages.  This sexual harassment greatly affected her and caused her significant damages.

Our client said the following about this representation:

“When I first met Attorney Lee I was unaware of my rights as a employee that had undergone sexual harassment at the workplace. Within 5 months, Mr. Lee not only superseded my legal expectations but he superseded in making sure that I was okay every step of the way. The amount I was awarded was beyond my expectations and very substantial. I recommend Attorney Lee to anyone who may be aware or unaware of their rights and need expertise guidance and counsel.”