Tennessee Whistleblower Claim Requires Reporting Illegal Conduct to Other Than Wrongdoer

Recently in Haynes v. Formac Stables, Inc., Judge Wade authored a Tennessee Supreme Court opinion which dismissed a retaliatory discharge case brought pursuant to both common law and the Tennessee Public Protection Act. The Complaint alleged the owner of the business had engaged in illegal conduct and had terminated the employee when he acted as a whistleblower by complaining of conduct to the owner. The Trial Court dismissed the plaintiff’s claim, because according to the employee’s own allegations, he had not reported the illegal activity to anyone other than the person responsible for the activity.

 It was determined on appeal that an employee must report an employer’s wrongdoing to someone other than the wrongdoer to qualify as a whistleblower claim. There is a requirement of reporting to an outside entity or individual when the wrongdoer is the manager, owner or highest ranking officer within the company. The decision of the Appellate Court was affirmed.

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