Workers Compensation Defense Verdict on Claim of Bilateral Knee Septic Arthritis

We obtained a defense verdict in east Tennessee as associated with an employee’s claim of septic arthritis allegedly associated with an injury to his leg. In the case of Gary Burleson v. Doyle’s Tire Service Inc., and Federated Mutual Insurance Co., Docket No. 2016-02-0033, the Court determined and the Appellate Court affirmed the employee failed to establish he injured his ACL and/or MCL as a result of the work accident and could not, therefore, prove the septic arthritis alleged was caused primarily by his alleged work injury. The Court found the defendant employer’s expert testimony more credible than that of the employee and, therefore, held the employee failed to establish a work-related injury and entered a defense verdict for the employer/insurer which was affirmed on appeal.

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