Successful 4 Day Arbitration Trial against National Car Retailer on Equal Pay Act and Title VII Sex Discrimination Claims

We recently had a significant arbitration award for our client in an Equal Pay Act and Title VII Sex Discrimination case with a large national car retailer company after 18 months of litigation.  The details are confidential but it was a very successful result for our client.

Our client provided the following review:

“From my first conversation with Jason, he proved his competence as an attorney. He listened without interruption. He asked very specific questions that I allowed me to share my story in a comfortable way. ( I lived 190 miles away so I had to conduct this initial conversation over the phone.) I interviewed other attorneys, and none showed the competence or compassion that Jason did.
As everyone knows, litigation can be a long, exhausting and drawn out process. Jason kept me positive but realistic about the potential outcome. At the end of the process of litigation, we won on the most important counts against my former employer. I will be forever grateful for Jason believing in me and my case even when I started to lose faith.

I’ve had friends who’ve contacted me and wished to have Jason represent them based on my sharing my experience.

The best compliment that I could give wasn’t from me. The person that ruled in our favor said about Jason ” Jason has been a very competent counsel who’s argued passionately on behalf of his client.”

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