Six-Figure Settlement Obtained for Client in Sexual Harassment Case Against National Employer

We recently obtained a very significant six-figure settlement against a large national employer in a severe sexual harassment case.  This case was settled prior to the filing of a lawsuit.  The facts and evidence were clearly outlined and provided to the employer and they settled in order to avoid a lawsuit.  Our client provided the following review of our legal work in this case:

Jason was AMAZING in my case. He is very knowledgeable and aggressive when it regards his clients rights! He always stayed in contact with me and let me know what was going on step by step! Jason got me a large settlement without even having to file suit! I would recommend him to ANYONE that has a sexual harassment in the work place issue!!!


Significant Sexual Harassment Settlement Obtained for Client Against Construction Company

We obtained a very significant settlement for our client in a severe sexual harassment case against a construction company.  The terms of the settlement are confidential, however, our client obtained a very significant monetary settlement rightbefore trial.  This case was heavily litigated through depositions and motions for summary judgment in order to maximize the value to our client.  Shortly before trial, the company significantly increased their settlement offer, resolving the case before trial.

Our client offered these comments about our work on this matter:

“HONEST.  He never kept me waiting. I didn’t trust attorneys, but then I met him. He will fight for you as if you were one of his own. We won even more money that we originally expected. I didn’t know that such an honest, sincere person could also be equally as aggressive and passionate until i met him. I lost the feeling of powerlessness when he sat down next to me, across the table from my used to be employer owner/millionaire. My life is forever changed due to his hard work and compassion.”


Federal Court Denies Motion for Summary Judgment Against Burrow Lee, PLLC Client in Sexual Harassment Case

In a significant sexual harassment case against a middle Tennessee employer, the employer filed a motion for summary judgment to try to dismiss the core sexual harassment and sexually hostile work environment case.  We defended against this motion for summary judgment, pointing out to the court, the extensive sexual harassment of our client.  This sexual harassment largely consisted of numerous vulgar sexual comments about our client from her direct supervisor and others.  After extensive briefing, the Court agreed with our position and denied the motion for summary judgment on the sexual harassment claim by the employer.  This was a significant victory for our client to allow this case to move forward.  The opinion on this ruling can be found at this link.


Workers Compensation Appeals Panel Upholds Rejection of Permanent Total Disability Claim By Trial Court

Burrow Lee, PLLC defended General Motors in a workers compensation case where the employee sought permanent total disability benefits at trial (James Harrison v. General Motors, LLC).  This could have led to an award of in excess of $400,000.00 in disability benefits.  We successfully defended the case at trial and the employee was only awarded workers compensation benefits for PPD totaling $18,545.76.  This case was appealed to the Tennessee Special Workers Compensation Appeals panel and the appellate court rejected the appeal of the employee.  The Court found that the trial courts determination that the defense expert was more persuasive on the issue of permanent total disability than the expert of the employee, was appropriate and affirmed the trial court ruling.


$1.5+ Million Dollar Verdict Obtained in Sexual Harassment Case Against Tennessee Doctor

In 2017 we went to trial on a case for our client in a sexual harassment/sexually hostile work environment case.  This was a 3 day trial in Rutherford County, Tennessee.  The Jury provided a verdict over $2.3 Million dollars (that was reduced to $1.5+ Million dollars by statute) against the medical clinic and the doctor.  This case was reported on here and here.

Our client reviewed our legal work as follows:

“I HIGHLY recommend Jason Lee as an attorney! I was referred to him by a friend who owns a business who has used him for years for legal issues regarding it. We took my case to trial recently which involved a sexual harassment claim against a company and we had a very successful verdict! Jason prepared me well for my deposition and trial and was focused the entire time. The best thing I did was meeting with him and, from that day on, Jason has been easy to contact, thorough, and professional. He is extremely passionate about justice and the law. He has kept me updated with every change and progress of my case. I never once felt like I was just another case file for him and I never felt like I couldn’t ask him questions or bring my concerns to him. Having an attorney who I can trust and communicate with has made the world of a difference for me and it has made this ordeal bearable. I don’t believe I would have ever made it as far with my case had I not met with Jason when I did. He kept me focused throughout the entire process. I will always be grateful for the time and effort he put into my case to make sure that I walked away with justice and peace of mind. I would use him again without question and refer him to anyone! He is definitely one of a kind and I am blessed to call him my attorney.”


Summary Judgment Granted for Client in Slip and Fall Case

We obtained summary judgment in slip and fall claim at a convenience store in Jackson, TN.  This was in the Circuit Court of Madison County where the Court determined, based upon our Motion for Summary Judgment, the plaintiff could not identify and prove the dangerous condition which allegedly caused his fall.  At the mediation prior to the Motion for Summary Judgment, the last and lowest demand of settlement was $190,000.00.  This was as associated with the plaintiff’s loss/discontinuance of employment, medical bills and asserted pain and suffering.


Workers Compensation Defense Verdict on Claim of Bilateral Knee Septic Arthritis

We obtained a defense verdict in east Tennessee as associated with an employee’s claim of septic arthritis allegedly associated with an injury to his leg. In the case of Gary Burleson v. Doyle’s Tire Service Inc., and Federated Mutual Insurance Co., Docket No. 2016-02-0033, the Court determined and the Appellate Court affirmed the employee failed to establish he injured his ACL and/or MCL as a result of the work accident and could not, therefore, prove the septic arthritis alleged was caused primarily by his alleged work injury. The Court found the defendant employer’s expert testimony more credible than that of the employee and, therefore, held the employee failed to establish a work-related injury and entered a defense verdict for the employer/insurer which was affirmed on appeal.


Significant Car Accident Settlement for Client with Serious Injuries

We successfully negotiated and obtained a substantial settlement for a client with serious injuries from a car accident in Middle Tennessee.  He experienced residual pain and long term problems from this accident.   Pursuant to his request, we were able to negotiate a fair settlement before we were required to file the lawsuit.

This clients review of our work is as follows:

“I was injured in an auto accident while working in a company vehicle due to someone else’s actions. A friend had hired Jason for a similar situation and highly recommended him. After a consultation, I knew he was the right person to help me with my situation. He was extremely clear on my options and expectations. I found him to do what he said he was going to do, and he did it in the time frame he said he would do it. His communication was outstanding thru the entire process of negotiating my settlement. Sometimes, I received multiple updates in the same day. I feel, I had the best possible outcome for my circumstances. I wanted someone to represent me I felt was fair, honest and ethical. He honored my wishes on how I wanted certain aspects of my case handled. I couldn’t be happier with my decision in hiring Jason. Top notch attorney and person in my book, 5 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend him and will use him in the future for my will and any other legal needs.”


Obtained Life Insurance Proceeds for Client in Dispute Over Beneficiary in Federal Court

We obtained a successful result for our client in a life insurance proceeds dispute in Federal Court.  Our client was in a dispute over the identity of the appropriate beneficiary for the life insurance proceeds.  We filed for summary judgment requesting the court to agree with our client’s position that he was the appropriate beneficiary under the policy.  The Court agreed and granted summary judgement to our client in American General Life Insurance Company v. William D. Mason, Sr. and Patrick T. Davis, No. 3-15-0340 in the United States District Court, Middle District of Tennessee.